The Six

The Arcane arts require a lifetime of devotion to master.Without practice and constant sharpening of the mind, magic will not work the way you want it to.

—Transmutationist Tremblae of House Brakendorn, Proffessor of Arcane ArtsValor Heart University, South Watch

The six houses of Arcane Knowledge only teach the secrets of their craft to the brightest minds of Urth. Therefore candidates are tested not only for the aptitude to perform magic, but also the will to wield such power.

House Absterose

"There is no greater power in the world than Knowledge."

Art:          Divination
Alumni:  Discerner

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House Brakendorn

"Change is the only true Constant."

Art:          Transmutation
Alumni:  Transmutationist (transer)

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House De'Rosa

"Nothing declines our Beckon."

Art:          Conjuration
Alumni:  Invoker

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House Fiorn'e

"Perception is Reality."

Art:          Illusion
Alumni:  Beguiler

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House Grimgate

"Death is but a Door."

Art:          Necromancy
Alumni:  Necrothurgeon

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House Stormfury

"You will only cross us Once."

Art:          Evocation
Alumni:  Sunderor

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